Omotola Ogunsolu

Omotola Ogunsolu
– Solar Energy Harvesting –

Department – Materials Science & Engineering (Graduate Student) –
Research Field – Material Chemistry –
How image was captured – DSLR –

Research Impact & Significance – The importance of renewable energy cannot be over emphasized in our world today where the effects of climate change, global warming and depleting fossil reserves are too significant not to notice. Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells, due to their relative inexpensive manufacturing process and the energy-efficient and environmentally friendly manner in which this process is carried out, offer higher economic and environmental benefits than conventional solar cell devices. Moreso, these devices exhibit good performance even under low sunlight irradiation. For full scale commercialization of these devices, it is imperative that their efficiencies on modular scale are higher than 15%. My research aims to increase the efficiency-per cost of DSSC devices by inhibiting interfacial recombination processes in DSSCs through a self-assembled bilayer architecture.

Research Group Meeting

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