Jamie Wang

Jamie Wang
– Vein-Like Crystal Formation –
Department – Chemistry & Biochemistry (Graduate Student) –
Research Field – Materials/Renewable Energy –
How image was captured – DSLR –

Research Impact & Significance – In current days, we have a pressing need for utilizing alternative energy sources to replace traditional fossil fuel uses. Our research group works on Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs) and develops strategies to improve the performances of them. My own research focuses on studying the electron transfer events in DSSCs. One of the major problems with DSSCs is the losses of electron through recombination with other species present in the solar cell, which decreases the power conversion efficiency. The knowledge we gain from studying the anodic interfacial electron transfer mechanisms will provide us with approaches to prevent recombination events. This crystal shown in the picture is the molecule that could potentially influence the electron transfer mechanism to help us build a more efficient solar cell.

Research Group Website

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