Kate Carnevale

Kate Carnevale
– Technicolor Cell Dish –

Department – Chemistry and Biology (Graduate Student) –
Research Field – Nano-Biochemistry –
How image was captured – Cellphone Camera –

Research Impact & Significance – My research involves the use of fluorescent probes (dyes, proteins, and quantum dots) to investigate cellular response to nanoparticle therapy. Nanoparticles are tiny metal crystals that can be loaded with many different therapeutic agents in order to selectively deliver drugs or gene therapies to diseased cells of interest. Despite the near limitless potential to revolutionize modern medicine, little is known about what happens to the nanoparticle and its therapeutic cargo once inside the cell. Using multiple fluorescent color tags in cell experiments, with the help of a fluorescence microscope, allows us to visualize therapeutic delivery and processing inside living cells as well as the effect of the therapy on the cell. The information that I learn through these experiments may lead to the eventual development of better treatments for cancers and genetic disorders, where a nanoparticle would be able to selectively enter a malfunctioning cell and deliver a drug or gene to kill the defective cell, or correct it so that it will function properly, with little to no side effects to healthy cells.

Research Group Website

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