Tristan Dilbeck

Tristan Dilbeck
– Rainbow of Emission –

Department – Chemistry and Biochemistry (Graduate Student) –
Research Field – Molecular Photophysics –
How image was captured – Cellphone Camera –

Research Impact & Significance – This photograph depicts a spectrum of emitting dyes that can be used as sensitizers in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). My research goals are focused on sustainable energy and, in particular, strategies for making more efficient DSSCs. Most commercially available DSSCs are limited to a maximum theoretical efficiency of ~33% because they are unable to absorb and convert large portions of sunlight (i.e. low energy photons) into electricity. My research is on the application of photon upconversion (TTA-UC)—combining two or more low energy photons to generate a higher energy photon—to harness this previously transmitted light and increase solar cell efficiencies to above 43%. The abundant and unlimited nature of sunlight leaves little doubt that solar cell technology will play an increasingly pivotal role in the provision of the worlds energy needs.

Research Group Website

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