Wajiha Mumtaj KhalidWajiha Mumtaj Khalid

– The Metaphase of Wild Type vs. Mutant –

Department – Biomedical Science –
Research Field – Drosophila Neural Stem Cell –
How image was captured – Nikon Confocal Micorscopy –

Research Impact & Significance – Examining Dgt4 Drosophila neuroblast. Dim Gamma Tubulin 4 (Dgt4) is one of the six proteins in the augmin complex in Drosophila. It is essential for Drosophila neuroblast (neural stem cell) to have asymmetric cell divisions (ACD) in order to generate cellular diversity during brain development. The purpose for asymmetric division is to renew the pool of stem cells, and also to produce daughter cells destined to become neurons and glia.I have discovered that the Drosophila neuroblast has a symmetric cell division.


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